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Connecticut Web Based PASRR
Supervisors responsible for oversight of facility staff who will submit screening information are designated to manage sign-on privileges for all subordinate staff at the facility that will use WEBSTARS™, Ascend's proprietary web-based Level I/LOC screening site at

Individuals employed by nursing homes or hospitals in Connecticut as supervisors (or as the sole individual at a facility who would submit screens), may request supervisor privileges to set up users at that facility. Supervisors must be designated to maintain their agency user information.

To register/request Supervisor privileges:
  1. Please complete all information below.
  2. Ascend will forward an email within 2 business days to the supervisor which will reflect whether the supervisor has been approved to use WEBSTARS™.
  3. Once you have received the email with an approval from Ascend, go to supervisor login at Connecticut WEBSTARS™ and set up facility users by following the instructions below.
    1. Log in to WEBSTARS™
    2. Click the "Supervisor Login" icon
      • If you have previously set up any facility users, they will appear. You may edit as necessary.
      • If you need to set up new users in your facility, click "Add User" at the top of the page.
    3. Complete the User form and submit to Ascend.
        Each identified user will receive an email within 2 business days with a link to access WEBSTARS™.
Once agency staff receive emails from Ascend approving system access, they may begin using WEBSTARS ™.

Click here to download the complete instructions.
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